Mt. Palemlem Exploration

12 04 2009

On the 14th of January 2006, the LEAD Movement geared up for a foray in the wild unknown. They braved the legend of the bees and the monkeys. What they found on the summit of Mt. Palemlem (1328 m asl) — a canopy of exotic trees, the Ventricosa (pitcher) plant and a spectacular view of Ilocos Norte in shades of green, blue, white and earth. They named the summit Camp Gazebo.


the ascent

maybe fungi

th only rose among the thorns


centuries old

a view of the Adams poblacion

northeastern Ilocos Norte

finding some space for rest


the pitcher plant

2 for the road

the LEAD cupboard

a sea of clouds


the Cordilleras

Mt. Palemlem

Mt. Palemlem



3 responses

12 06 2009

umay ak manen koma ton maminsan.

12 06 2009

you’re most welcome to join in our adventures. apay koma ngamin saan, you’re one of the first members.

13 06 2009

hopefully.. hehe.
no maka-awid ak to.

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